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April 30, 2018

Stay Connected: Concept launches new Posting Interface with Guestline

Success, as a team and as a business, is led by the power of communication. And with great communication beginning with connection, we must ask ourselves, how connected are we? This is especially true for a hotel, where inherent slow-paced operational complexity once proved a considerable challenge when seeking to integrate a core system and streamline management. The key word here though is once, because utilising today’s open APIs, web standardisation and constant tech innovation, cloud technology is paving the way to easier, faster and more effective system integration. This allows your property to greatly improve its efficiency, sharing data across all departments for a deeper understanding of a property’s guests and market.

So how can we do this? Quite simply by connecting all branches of a hotel’s operations to one Property Management System - your PMS. A keystone integrating all the previously disparate elements of your hotel, this is where your staff will manage guest services, reservations and almost any other action. This level of integration enables quick, simple verification of guest identity, status and room number. So, any system that you choose to connect to it will enhance not only your operating performance – but, crucially, your guest experience.

For any hotel, onsite point-of-sales (POS) amenities such as restaurants, gift shops or spa facilities add further complications to day-to-day operations, but by establishing a simple interface between your PMS and any given POS system, you may save considerable staff time and effort – while simultaneously increasing billing accuracy. What could be better than satisfying guests and improving revenue at the same time? Well, with POS integration the process of charging for an onsite service can be made directly to a guests room, a thoughtful design touch for their comfort and convenience which also automates and simplifies the entire billing process.

The problems that you face without integrated PMS and POS systems are all too familiar, restaurant bills and other charges to a guest’s room are often missed when there is no direct communication with the front desk. This disconnection leads to even worse scenarios when, come check-out, an otherwise immaculately organized front-desk faces billing discrepancies from annoyed guests. These sorts of situations always leave guests with a negative feeling, but by setting up an automated billing process, free from user error, you prevent this from ever happening in the first place.

Rather than apologising for mistakes and errors, staff and guest can both enjoy a smooth check out experience. It really is all about giving your employees the tools and systems they need to concentrate on delivering exceptional service. With a posting interface installed, your POS system queries the PMS in real time to verify guest status and room number, and then automatically posts the charge to the guest’s bill within the PMS. Eliminating errors and inaccuracies give staff members the time they need to make a stay truly memorable, allowing them to concentrate on the thing that matters most to your business – the guest.

Fully aware of just how crucial these interfaces could be to a hotel or resort, Concept is always looking to diversify the connectivity between our modules and the latest PMS systems, and so we are proud to launch the Guestline Interface for Concept POS. A leading provider of end-to-end property management, channel distribution and digital marketing solutions to a wide range of hotels, serviced apartments, management companies and pub companies, Guestline has been in operation since 1991. Since then they have installed systems in 25 countries across 5 continents, building a reputation among their clients for enabling maximum occupancy and profitability.

At Concept, we have always been driven to enhance our Concept POS with more and more powerful interfaces over the years, with a view to building stronger connections for a connected world. This has led us to look beyond PMS systems into everything from accounting and credit cards to loyalty programs, so that now we can allow a property using the Guestline PMS to communicate directly with the uniquely diverse connectivity of our Concept POS and vice versa.

As always, Concept works to meet our client’s particular needs and demands, and we are excited at how this new release will further increase our flexibility with another high-quality PMS-POS interface. This is great news for all our clients, present and future, and we look forward to helping them to stay profitable, efficient…and, above all, connected.

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