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Concept Spa & Leisure

Manage your Spa Reservations, Treatment Rooms, Staff and Resources

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Fast & Easy Appointment Scheduling

As the preferred choice for the world’s premier spas, hotels, resorts and leisure venues, Concept Spa & Leisure software is a scalable and flexible solution designed to seamlessly manage business activities, reservations, client schedules and advanced group bookings.


  • Multi-Property

  • Advanced Group Booking for events, weddings and other Spa Groups

  • Online Bookings

  • Seamless integration with membership application for instant profile and billing information

  • Availability Search wizard & wait list functionality

  • Contra-indication questions and Medical controls

  • Commission tracking

  • Scheduled Activities and Tour Scheduling

  • Integrated to PMS Systems such as Guestline & Opera

  • Logical integration with Concept POS for easy guest check-out

  • Inventory Management to control treatment materials and resources

  • Therapist utilization tracking

  • Pre-set usage limits for members and guests with Activity Rules

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