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Concept Spa & Leisure

Manage your Spa Reservations, Treatment Rooms, Staff and Resources

Fast & Easy Appointment Scheduling

As the preferred choice for the world’s premier spas, hotels, resorts and leisure venues, Concept Spa & Leisure software is a scalable and flexible solution designed to seamlessly manage business activities, reservations, client schedules and advanced group bookings.


  1. Multi-Property

  2. Advanced Group Booking for events, weddings and other Spa Groups

  3. Online Bookings

  4. Seamless integration with membership application for instant profile and billing information

  5. Availability Search wizard & wait list functionality

  6. Contra-indication questions and Medical controls

  7. Commission tracking

  8. Scheduled Activities and Tour Scheduling

  9. Integrated to PMS Systems such as Guestline & Opera

  10. Logical integration with Concept POS for easy guest check-out

  11. Inventory Management to control treatment materials and resources

  12. Therapist utilization tracking

  13. Pre-set usage limits for members and guests with Activity Rules

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