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July 16, 2019

More than 55% of Concept Golf customers will be live with Online Interfaces, in the next 90 days!

Today, 44% of Concept Golf customers are connected to at least one of Concept’s Golf Online Interfaces and in the next few months, more than 55% will be connected. Concept customers can open-up their golf course availability for both direct and 3rd party online reservations.

Concept, a Shiji Group brand, is committed to providing its customers with connectivity to more booking platforms for a wider network of online partners and an increase in customer satisfaction and retention. As an open platform that drives rounds and revenue to a high-profile customer-base, the company understands the importance of distribution channels in increasing golf bookings and allows third-party resellers to book in real time, easily, efficiently and cost-effectively. These channels, along with Concept’s revenue management functionality, are the key to successfully managing inventory for optimal control of availability, rates and margins.

With the growth in Concept customers, the company will continue to seek out and deliver new features and advantages to its customers by improving its online presence, connecting customers to a wide network of online partners and increasing their potential bookings.

Recently, Concept has had successfully taken its valued customers live with new connections, including La Cala Resort, Quinta do Lago, West Cliffs, Praia d'El Rey and multiple Pestana Golf Courses by adding Leading Courses and/or Greenfee365 interfaces.

Learn more about our Online Golf Interfaces here.

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