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February 14, 2018

Is Your Business Responsive? How tech is changing customer expectations…

Our world, it would seem, has never been so connected. Communication has never been easier, challenging any brand or business to prove itself responsive to fast-moving times. No-one can afford to overlook the fundamental changes that technology has bought into our everyday lives, a process that continues to evolve with every new app and device. This technological revolution happened so quickly that the huge impact upon our familial, personal and business relationships can often leave us struggling to catch up. With the world now simply a click away, we can reach out to markets on the other side of the planet, instantly engage customers from another continent…and grow our businesses into globally recognized brands. A brave new world, rich in opportunity… where our business and personal development can grow strong together – providing we can meet its new challenges of course…which is where Concept can help you to take action.

One of the inevitable consequences of such rapid technological evolution is how it has impacted upon client expectation and satisfaction. Regardless of the nature of your business, your customers are at its heart – so, the question becomes, how can we better utilize tech changes and trends to attract, retain and satisfy them? In short, how is changing technology changing my customers?

Do you have a smartphone or a tablet? Well, so do your clients! Today, we are always on, always available, and a simple touch can search, engage or contact whomever, wherever and whenever we want to. What we want is only a few clicks away, we are always connected…and so we have grown to expect any service to be the same. How we position ourselves amid this “screen revolution” is crucial and our brand perception must be protected against the challenges these devices present. Every responsive business needs a responsive website, allowing the same access and information to smartphones and tablets as from a desktop. This also relates to the integration of communication, to the flow from social media to website and back to instant messaging. We need to ensure that when navigating across these channels, customers always feel that they interact with the same brand.

Social Media is one of the most notorious tech innovations of recent years, hugely influential upon our inter-relationship culture. We receive instant news, messages, pictures and can even share live streams in real time…and this has become the sort of constant interaction we expect from our favorite brands. The modern customer wants answers – and quick. The internet has spoilt us with immediate access to almost any company, service or product…when, where and who all from a couple of clicks. Consequently, we have become less tolerant when waiting for deliveries, assistance, complaint responses – or simply for general information.

A strong, reliable online service is the only way to effectively meet the instant demands of modern customers. Extensive experience in the industry means that Concept Software Systems understand the importance of such a service to any spa or golf business. Our Concept Web Services including Online Golf Bookings and Online Spa Bookings, allow our clients to meet even todays customer’s expectations. After all, if they can’t – you can be sure that someone else will.

Social networks have simultaneously empowered consumers, with the testimonials of a client’s positive post or comment a sought-after commodity in promoting your brand. This can prove problematic should an issue occur, and we all know that public complaints on social platforms must be managed quickly and professionally. A part of being responsive is having systems in place to do so, to learn from every customer experience. At Concept, we have recently created an interface with Digital Alchemy allowing our users to send out a satisfaction survey after their clients check-out – and demonstrating how much they value customer feedback.

And last, but certainly not least, it’s important to consider product and service customization. Nowadays it is commonplace to invest in customized social media, search engine results and advertising. Customers expect brands to know what they are looking for, factoring their preferences into a fully tailored service. Dealing with each client as an individual has set new standards for service – but requires care and attention…and the right systems to gather the data and trends needed to perfect the customer experience.

People, and their expectations, are constantly changing, but they may never change at the same incredible rate we have seen in the last few years. Although we live in interesting times, some things do endure…customers still look for the friendliest, most efficient and accurate service – the difference is that they are not going to wait around for it. They expect to be heard, to be given what they want, when they want it…sometimes before they have even been asked. Building brand loyalty and equity has never more important…so ask yourself – is your business responding to your changing tech trends? Because your customers most certainly are…

Contact us now to take action and find how you can use Concept’s products to keep your customers happy and your business responsive.

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