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March 20, 2018

Integration with Yellow Dog…one more reason you need the Concept POS system

Now, more than ever before, being responsive is often the key difference between success and failure. A modern business needs to respond not only to the needs and wants of customers, but also to new, emerging technologies. Within the retail industry, POS (point of sales) systems are becoming increasingly popular by combining hard and software to simplify day-to-day business operations. No matter the size of your operation, from gift shop to a hotel spa, a great POS system can quickly become one of your greatest resources. An effective POS is like having your own group of specialists working in the background, ensuring everything front of house operates smoothly and productively. To stay on top of today’s profoundly focused retail market, Concept gives you the tools that keep your business responsive.

With a POS software system, you will have access to a wealth of data and analytics. Numbers don’t lie, and with detailed statistics on items sold, busy times, promotions, staff or store sales and performances there is no need to rely on guesswork - you have all the information you need to manage your business efficiently. Real-time inventory tracking allows constant stock-management and administration, cautioning you when you’re running low so that you’re always stocked and ready for your customers. Furthermore, with your sales computerized, you can connect each POS to a network, allowing all your accounting and inventory software to become one fully integrated system.

Increasing your management efficiency simultaneously increases your procedural efficiency and accuracy.  Scanning is much more accurate than punching in numbers from a sticker or expecting the cashier to remember what each item costs – simply scan it and pack it. A POS stock and scanner tag checking system means that staff won’t need to rifle through numerous alternatives when ringing up a deal and as it’s naturally deducted from the present stock, they won’t physically need to do so – saving time that could be better spent elsewhere. With each item given a standardized identification it can be easily checked and labelled, with the additional advantage of being able to check stock anywhere in the store…all staff need is a POS with a credit card reader and they’re good to go.

The added bonus to these managerial and procedural advantages is that it also directly improves the customer-experience…faster transactions, fewer mistakes and a wider selection of payment methods help to meet the demands of customers used to modern convenience and stream-lined service.

The interconnectivity, something key to our business philosophy, of Concept’s own POS software allows applications from a diverse range of managerial fields to be accessed from a central point. To maximise this advantage for our clients, we have worked to build up partnerships with software and app developers that add further value to our own product. We believe that these partnerships, and the integrations they create, are what sets us apart from other POS systems available, giving you a unique POS solution adaptable to your business and methods. We are here to help you take action – and understand by personal experience just how important adapting to the latest technology can be to your business development. Just like our clients, we are constantly looking to adapt and evolve, growing our POS module through building strong relationships with innovative companies like Yellow Dog Software.

Yellow Dog Software provide Inventory Management Systems to all levels of the hospitality industry, from retail to food and beverage outlets. An American company that was founded in 2006, they have built their reputation by enabling their clients to work faster and smarter…and to uncover areas of their business that need to be improved. Like Concept, they believe that they enter a partnership with their clients, sharing their goals and ambitions for a successful and complete inventory system. A comprehensive back office inventory management system for any size of retail operation, they can easily handle the needs of a single premises or those of a larger-scale franchise chain.

The two-way sync interface between our respective software allows clients to create or update items in the Yellow Dog inventory and make the same changes, automatically, in their Concept POS system. This allows, for example, the F&B inventory created in your Concept POS module to be mapped directly to your Yellow Dog database for robust reporting and tracking.

We are proud to offer the results of our partnership to new and existing clients, further enhancing the flexibility and quality they have come to expect from Concept products and software. This exciting integration is why we work closely with market leaders like Yellow Dog - by working together we have added value to both our systems…and by working to answer the needs of responsive clients, we can now empower them to take back control of their inventory.

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