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February 27, 2018

Concept enhance their Membership Module in partnership with All Right Now

At Concept, we are always actively looking to enhance the complete and comprehensive service that our clients have come to expect from us. A part of our commitment to this challenge is how we analyse our existing processes, looking to discover where a missing link in the chain might be filled by some new partnership or integration. Only by being responsive to our clients’ needs and attending to their feedback are we able further develop our relationships with them, because, after all, every good conversation must start with good listening.

Comments from clients of our Membership Module recently revealed just such a service gap, and we were more than happy to react quickly in identifying and resolving the issue…making us stronger and our clients happier. The feedback related to membership and security, with clients stressing their need for proper access control to their facilities. Any club, fitness centre or similar business must confront the challenges that this entails, for instance, different members may have different levels of access or there may be problems with sharing ID, and, at the end of the day, their management team is responsible for guaranteeing the safety and security of all its members.

We looked at this as an opportunity, a chance to help our clients improve their security management through an integrated access control system. To do this we have developed a partnership with All Right Now (ARN), a leading UK kiosk manufacturer with over 50 years’ experience providing access and ID solutions to the leisure industry. A key part of their business, and one that perfectly aligns with our own philosophy, is to involve the client throughout the process, from initial planning to installation and implementation…by listening. Only by doing this are they able to fully understand their needs and tailor the right solution for them, expertise and experience enabling them to factor in cost-effectivity and appropriability for each client. By combining our efforts, we are delighted to offer clients the ability to install a bespoke access control solution from ARN in full integration with their existing Concept management system.

There are many benefits to the client from such an approach, including the complete integration of the security and reassurance of an ARN system with the invaluable data and management tools of a Concept module into a seamless customer experience.

Of course, the most obvious benefit is the security and protection of your clients. A system can be set up that requires members to swipe a key card to open the doors of a gym or fitness centre, meaning that no-one without a membership profile will be able to enter. This is especially reassuring for the management, who will know that their changing rooms and locker areas will be secure – as well as ensuring that only paying members are enjoying the use of their facilities.

In addition, and this is where an integrated approach pays off, once a key card is registered to a specific member profile, each swipe will be tracked and recorded by the Concept Membership Module. This will give you a real insight into how often each member visits your business and how to better target them with marketing and promotional tools. Using this information, you can build up a deeper understanding of your business: when are the busiest times? How often are specific areas or activities utilised? This will help efficiently manage staff rotas and facilitate the best use of their time and duties.

This will also allow you to establish time restrictions on membership and promote marketing tools such as cheaper off-peak access membership, maximising the revenue and use of your facilities. Such a system can allow you to extend opening hours without increasing staff, getting you the most out of your business by allowing members to be incentivised to come at off-peak hours…simultaneously providing a less-crowded experience for all members.

There are many ways to take advantage of a collaboration between All Right Now and Concept that marks another important evolutionary step for our Membership Module, one which came from something important to all of us: taking time to listen to the customer. By listening to you and your needs, we believe we have created something that could be crucial to your business. You can now do the same, listening to how and when members use your facilities while also ensuring their safety and comfort.

Contact us today to take action and improve your Concept Membership Management with this exciting new Interface.

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