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January 12, 2018

Concept & Digital Alchemy achieve product integration

It is easily forgotten that mobile technology is still a relatively recent innovation; so ubiquitous is the cell phone today, it seems a lifetime away from being the hottest new technology in the world. And although for some it quite literally was, it was not so long ago that the ability to open a portable phone and make a call anywhere, at any time, was, for the baby boomer generation, simply astounding. Suddenly, we were all just a phone call away. Yet today we reach a point of regression. Millennials, the mobile generation, actually shy away from making phone calls. The reason is quite simple, and one that at Concept Software Systems, we urge any modern marketing strategy to consider. Millennials - and increasingly older generations - want to text.

Though voice calls aren’t at risk of going extinct anytime soon, let’s consider millennial texting trends as an example. Making up an overwhelmingly vast percentage of the mobile phone market, research by Nielsen and Openmarket frequently establishes that they prefer not to speak on the phone. To be more exact, they would rather text or email.In fact, millennials overwhelmingly prefer to receive text messages from businesses as well, instead of phone calls which they regard as intrusive.

There are several reasons why the modern client prefers texting. Before we learn how Concept and Digital Alchemy’s new relationship can adapt your marketing strategies to respond to the general popularity of texting, let’s consider why texting and emailing alerts, reminders and messages have become so important for a business to implement.

With technology becoming increasingly simplified, we have become conditioned to think in terms of which technology affords the most convenience; the easiest way to use it in our day to day lives – and, with mobile phones, the simple answer is SMS. It’s quick, easy and requires minimum attention. It’s easy to assume this means that we have developed an antipathy toward talking on the phone – this is something of a misunderstanding, most people still like to spend time talking, but they’d prefer to do it with parents and close friends. It is not a method of communication positively associated with business or brand interaction – rather the domain of telemarketers and pestering calls.

Hours after a phone conversation details can easily slip away. “What time did they say?” “What was the cost again?” With SMS or email there is less pressure for the customer to remember everything – all thanks to a readily retrievable transcript of the conversation. Put simply, text and email make for a less stressful mode of communication for customers than phone calls. There is no need for them to come up with answers on the spot — or remember specific questions they wanted to ask. By contrast, a text message gives the customer space - time to think and respond on his or her own time. It’s a more controlled experience that involves less overall pressure for them. Because of this, customers associate this mode of engagement with a modern, efficient business.

So how, as a business, can Concept help you to respond appropriately to this preference for texting and emailing? By partnering with Digital Alchemy, we can now allow users of Concept's Spa & Leisure reservation systems, to take full advantage of their complete email and texting solutions. Booking trough Concept's systems, you can now send your customers texts and emails confirmation, appointment reminders, welcoming messages and a more detailed pre-arrival information. It is the perfect way to make sure you approach the modern customer in the manner they prefer – and will increasingly expect.

“We are all extremely excited with the collaboration of Digital Alchemy. By integrating Concept´s systems with Digital Alchemy’s platform, our existing and new customers will have access to ground-breaking digital-marketing opportunities not yet available in golf, spa and leisure industries today,” said Concept Software Systems Managing Director Malcolm Rennie.

At Concept Software Systems, we continuously drive to improve our services and products excellence, pushing to provide our clients with state of the art marketing solutions that consider the changing face of business in general. With partnerships like Digital Alchemy, we seek to enhance our reputation as the world’s leading Golf, Spa & Leisure software systems developer and distributor, providing our clients with a competitive advantage and, above all, reducing the communication gap with their clientele.

Digital Alchemy CEO and founder Don Hay affirmed that they "are extremely proud to work with Concept Software Systems and integrate their services into the powerful Concept Spa, Golf and Leisure booking systems." He added that "today’s connected guest expect instant access to accurate information and our combined offering, creates the most advanced system available to these industries. Concept leading Spa, Golf and Leisure booking system are the perfect match for Digital Alchemy’s suite of services for guest communication. Together we will aid spa and golf courses by attempting to increase sales, reduce no-shows and most of all drive additional revenue.”

With Digital Alchemy, Concept Software Systems gives you the ability to engage your consumers with the modes that are most comfortable to them. The behavior of your customer is changing, and through this collaboration, with integrated texting and emailing solutions, we can make sure you are still speaking their language.

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