Concept Services

Concept operates with a strict service level agreement in order to ensure all Concept customers, irrespective of location, receive a superior level of service


Concept comprehensive support service covers your time zone working hours, helping you to bridge any gaps between you and the product. We blend up-to-date industry knowledge with our Concept solutions to stay one step ahead of ever-demanding leisure industries. Our support is part of our commitment to provide you with the most effective and accessible support facility.


Installation, Training & Project Management

Concept’s implementation process provides customers with project management, consultation, installation, technical services and on-site training. Our team works closely with each customer to provide a customized, easy to use product, on time and within budget.

Retraining Courses

At Concept, we recognize that staff rotation can be challenge. To cater for this, we have prepared a syllabus geared for refresher on retraining on specific areas of the Concept system. These training courses can be carried out on-site or remote local language for all Concept product suites.


Oracle Database Administration

Concept has been an Oracle Partner and licensed Oracle reseller since 2009. This partnership enables Concept to distribute and support Oracle Embedded Licenses for the Concept suite and in turn benefit from the reliability, quality & scalability of the Oracle Database solution.

Software Auditing & Consultancy

Our experienced consultants are eager to assist any property in achieving it business objectives. The Concept utilization review process provides a complete overview of a property’s software and training needs, including software configurations, optimal usage and reporting recommendations, as well as proactive services needed for skill development. The end result is equipping your staff with the skills and product knowledge to successfully carry out their daily work.


Development & Customisation

Concept continues to invest over 70% of gross annual income on further development of core applications, web services and 3rd party interfaces. We have worked very closely with key partners such as MICROS Fidelio and all our clients, irrespective of size, to develop the concept solution over the years and this strategy will continue in the future.