Online Shop

Concept Online Shop is the base module for any customers interested in having the solution integrated with Concept POS & Gift Card Management

Shop Online

  • Enables to manage and sell articles created in Concept Inventory through Concept online
  • Creation of an online shop which is totally integrated with existing Warehouses and Articles in Concept Point of Sales & Back Office modules

Gift Card Management

  • Sell online services included as part of a Gif Card (previously created in Concept POS)
  • This functionality allows to sell the Gift Card online and activate it in Concept POS automatically. In addition to this, it allows for a redemption of the activities included in the Gift Card through the online booking
  • A new web service has been developed in order for online Gift Cards to be available for online bookings. This web service allows for a control of the available activities within the Gift Card, updating the status each time a customer makes a booking through Concept Golf and/or Spa.