Concept Interface Center

More than 100 interfaces to suit the need to our large global install-base.

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Concept has a portfolio of more than 100 interfaces to suit the needs of our large global install-base. These include PMS, POS, Credit Card, Accounting and best-of-breed third-party connections.

Most notably via our global partnership, Concept fully integrates with third party solutions such as: PMS, POS, Accounting Systems, Payment Gateways - as well as Online Solutions and Web Bookings.


In order to create solutions to all our client’s needs, Concept can integrate with a great diversity of Interfaces with different purposes:

  • PMS Interfaces: Our system can integrate with Property Management Systems like Opera or Guestline, offering you a complete solution to your operation
  • POS Interface: Concept interfaces with POS systems like Micros and Infrasys helps you optimize your Point of Sales
  • Online Interfaces: We know the need of being online and thanks to our online interfaces we can offer Online bookings solutions and also integrate Concept system with tour operators (e.g. Hole 19, Golfbreaks) 
  • Third Party Interface: Our modules features can be enhanced integrating third party solutions from Digital Alchemy, Yellow Dog Software or Text Magic, for example
  • Access Control Interface: Concept can integrate the system with access control solutions like the one from All Right Now